A Serious Note

When there is something important people need to know, and I am not there to tell them, I leave a note. When there is something people need to know, that can affect the rest of their lives, I think it is a very Serious Note.

Here is mine:

More than ever our society is reaching out for information. Sadly, the modern media system has been taken over by business interests that do not coincide with the welfare of the American People.

Media outlets are clogged with useless and irrelevant information. News is not entertainment, and that is what is has been reduced to, a depressing form of distraction.

By creating this site, the hope is that there will be a central point for people to find the information they think is important, not the information corporate media is forcing on them. It is intended to be a sort of clearinghouse for ideas and information about the issues our societies face and possible solutions for them.

If you have any issues you see and would like to know more about, please contact us at SeriousNote7@gmail.com, and we will do our best to address it. This site is hear for the people. We can only serve you better with your help and inspiration.

Thank you.

– Serious Note


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