The Tour…and reasons why

I am on a trip. A tour if you will.

As a journalist, I do see my work as part of my civic duty. I do not serve in the military, on the police force or work for any municipal utilities, yet I do still feel the need to contribute to the society that has given me so much. I am privileged to be able to get a higher education and have the ability to see and do the things most of my peers cannot.

It is this sense of duty that has driven me to report on the issues that mainstream media neglects.

There are so many issues our society deals with, frustrations shared by the majority of our citizens. The frustrations are not being explored. The information people are openly calling for is not being provided, or worse, suppressed.

There was a time in our nation when the Press could be counted on. When they explored issues more than skin deep. When they asked hard questions to people in power and did not accept misleading answers.

Our politicians have gamed the system too long. They say one thing to the cameras, do another, and are left unchecked.

Even the reporters and stations I respect have fallen victim to the melodrama.  More is reported about the banter than the actual issues.

It doesn’t matter what they say if they don’t follow through. It does matter that nothing is reported about the discrepancies. How can the polls make a difference if their previous actions do not?

And that is what is at the heart of my problem with the media. What matters is not reported on, what is reported on is almost completely meaningless. The soundbite world of today is lacking in the depth of analysis an older world had.

If we are to continue as a productive society, we must have the correct information to do so. Only through analysis and attention will issues be solved. I want to report on these issues, which is why I am here.

Where here is depends on the day. I am currently halfway through a tour of the Pacific Coast and Northwest to report on the different Occupy movements along the way.

This is not so much a tour to participate, but a tour to learn. There are many important things that are being talked about almost nowhere other than the Occupations. Issues with our government’s mode of operation, our financial system’s corruption, corporate personhood’s destruction of the middle class in America.

There are issues in this country that desperately need to be addressed. I am here to figure out what those are. To learn what information people want to know about. What they need to become informed, capable of making important decisions for themselves.

That is what my tour is about; learning what the public really want to know, so I can provide information about things the public cares about, but is not getting anywhere else. I am trying top rebuild the credibility and honor the journalistic profession once carried.

People need good information. I am trying to give it to them.

Next Up:

Saturday: Occupy Portland, various times and locations
Sunday:   Occupy Olympia, General Assembly 2 p.m.
           &    Occupy Seattle, General Assembly 7 p.m.


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