Eating Local – Part of the Occupation

It is small diners and restaurants like this that we should be supporting.

Locally owned and operated, they are able to truly serve their community, not just profit from it. They kind of place with big oval plates and pancakes that still hang off the sides, big glass mugs for hot chocolate piled high with whip cream and home fries always on the menu.

Addi’s in Springfield, Oregon, is one of these places. It is true to form and down home as it comes. From the lumberjacks and locals that fill its aluminum diner chairs, to the school bench booths, it is somewhere to fill at home. Street signs and LPs decorate the walls underneath coke bottles and old serving trays on the window sills. Hub caps from the same era of 40’s and 50’s feel good music coming from the jukebox, which is of course still one of those big, light-up half domes that flips cards filled with names of songs in the repertoire.

It’s the kind of diner that serves delicacies like fried Twinkies and Oreos as part of its regular menu, along with Whatcha-ma-call-its and taco omelette. The kind of restaurants with white washed lattice-work as all that separates the counter from the kitchen, coffee mugs dangling from it and all. The kind where the bathroom, still decorated neatly with home fixtures and cheek placards thanking you for good aim, is in the back of the restaurant; down the hall past the potato crates and multi-station milkshake mixers, around the corner that once used to be the door to the wash room, at the end of the hall that used to lead to the kids bedrooms.

It’s a wonderful place. From the cherry covered vinyl table cloths to the old drive-in window order boxes and parking meters on the booths. The food comes quick and the patrons eat well. Filling meals of the typical white-bread americana, but just as salty and good as ever. The regulars pass through and most newcomers are referrals. It’s that kind of place, and at 6 a.m. in a strange city, I could not be happier to find it.

Thank you.

Thank you for not only your food and hospitality, but for your smiles and conversation. It reminds me that these local establishments are the true foundations of our economy. We can all benefit our communities by making the conscious decisions to eat a small restaurants like these, instead of massive cookie cutter franchises that move in and take over. If you wish to say no to corporation and build your local economy, eat local, drink local, and support your local businesses.

There is always something you can do, even if you don’t want to get involved directly.



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