Portland is Alive and Kicking!

Just a quick update since I could write an entire book on just today.

I was privileged enough to visit two different events in Portland. The first was a Neighborhood General Assembly ( a rarity of which I had not seen before today) for the neighborhoods of North and North-Eastern Portland, as well as a Feather Circle at the new OPDX workspace at St. Francis de Assisi on the East Bank.

At the Feather Circle each person had a turn to speak about the issues they found important. It was very constructive and respectful. I learned a lot from these people and was honored to be there.

Both gatherings were amazing!

The Neighborhood GA drew about 40 people with an extremely short notice. People were actively engaged and supporters who had never been to an occupation event ever before showed up.

This was the first push towards localizing protests that I had seen on such an organized scale. I heard that Los Angeles was becoming something similar since its eviction, but that no unifying structure or coordination was really taking place. After seeing it first hand, I can honestly say that smaller physical operations are extremely beneficial and must be preserved if this movement is to continue.

The Feather Circle at St. Francis was a similarly incredible experience. I may have been the youngest person at the meeting, which is actually quite encouraging  for me. After so long of seeing primarily other young people, it was great to see people in their late 20’s, 30’s, 40’s and beyond coming out to voice their concerns.

As a group we discussed the biggest issues facing the movement as well as some interesting local points of contention, but more on that later.

After everything I saw today, all i really have to say is, “Stay strong.”

These movements are growing in the best ways. They are becoming ever present in the hearts and minds of those who participate in them and area being spread to those around them.

Even if the physical Occupations are dwindling, the Occupy mentality is still going strong. People are waking up to the various injustices in their world, and no longer standing for it, but against it.

It was a great day. In closing I would just like to thank the Occupy Portland people for renewing my passion in the movement and helping me see that there are still people in this movement ready and willing to fight for what they believe in. People of all ages. People of all creeds. Of all nationalities.

Thank you Portland, for continuing to fight the good fight. Period.


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