On Me as a Traveler

I drive too fast.

Period. Not unsafely, just quickly. I stay in my lane, mind other cars, let people pass and cut in. I even do my best to follow at a good distance. It has just become apparent to me that not all people drive like Californians. Many even drive below the speed limit, a totally foreign concept to someone who grew up on the cutthroat drag strips that are the Los Angeles freeways. It seems the farther North you go, the slower things get.

I constantly want to stop.

A nightime scene I had to stop for in Legget, CA on my way to Occupy Eureka.

Life is interesting and I am not quiet sure when I will be back this way again, if ever. My only solace is my resolve to come back to all these wonderful places when I have the time to explore. The challenge is still actually making the time to take those trips. This tour has a very specific purpose, and sadly, sight seeing, hiking and camping are not it. Soon though…

I love traveling  at night.

Things are calmer, there are less people on the road and, most importantly, I am not missing the beautiful sights that would otherwise slow my progress on this particular trip (i.e. less heartbreak). During the night I just get places so much quicker.

I get bored easily, but rarely.

There is simply too much to look at most of the time to not be completely enthralled constantly. Even watching the fog roll through the trees, or last wisps of cloud get illuminated by the setting sun, or the scenic vista points, or huge stands of pines, or flocks of Aleutian geese honking as they pass. It is just the most wonderful experience to travel. The only time I really get bored is at night, when there is no moon or I am just really tired, in which case I get extremely bored and have to fight myself to stay awake every 3 seconds.

I like to drive in silence.

Probably because my head is so loud. Nothing really stops for me. I am constantly thinking about the things I’ve seen and heard, stories and posts to write, accompanying materials I want to include, where I am going next, where I am going to sleep, just all the different aspects of work I can.

Driving is a time of physical engagement that does not require too much brainpower. It is a sort of meditation for me. I get to quietly reflect and analyze my situation while still making physical progress towards my next objective.

– Serious Note


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