On Legacy

What we leave behind is our only proof of existence. 

Space Needle

One of the various monuments I saw on my travels, the Space Needle in Seattle,WA, stands a proud over its city, a great achievement of human engineering. Photo by F. Thomas Cardenas.

If we are to leave anything, it should be good. Full of life and boldly telling a legacy worth remembering. Despots and misers live in infamy but those who build nations wear the same cloaks. Positivity is all subjective based on the perspective of those interpreting the actions of another completely separate entity.

If we are to move forward with good will towards all, which I understand is not a universally held belief, we must also look to our past with admiring eyes. If all we remember and spread is our negativity, that is bound to also be what returns.

By remembering and honoring the good and striving to be more like that, instead of repeating the viciousness and violence of our daily transgressions, we might then also improve our own morale and aspirations to a positive difference being made.

Whether it is a footprint, a monument, or a message in a bottle; we should only leave the best for our descendants, and for ourselves, collectively.

– Serious Note


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