On Answers

“‘I don’t know’ is no longer an acceptable answer.”

That statement was one of the greatest things I heard from anyone during my trip across the Western Occupations.

A protester at the Occupy Seattle General Assembly stood up and said his piece. That was one of his boldest statements, and I am inclined to agree.

Though many people are still only now warming up to this movement, and activism in general, there should never be an instance where that phrase is acceptable. People should know why they are out there, what they are fighting for, how they want their society to run.

And if they don’t, here are a few possible answers.

The Occupy Movement began with Occupy Wall Street, a social change protest movement,  inspired by the Canadian Adbusters Magazine. It focused on the deceptive and oppressive practices of major wall street finance and investment corporations.

The frustrations are loosely focused around major banks, hedge funds, mortgage lenders, energy companies, war profiteer weapons suppliers, chemical manufacturers, agribusiness, big pharmaceutical firms, oil dealers and multinational corporations, job exporters and social destructors in general.

Often, these companies are one in the same. They all finance, own subsidiaries of, partner with, or otherwise collude with other companies of the same scale to enact practices which benefit only those in power and impoverish most others.

The banking reform issue cannot be addressed in an isolated fashion. Their shady practices are linked to all these other corporations as their financiers.

All these are and more are what the Occupy Movement and others are addressing. When asked, we must have answers, not for everything, but at least for something.


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